Bulletin #7, April 2018

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Make a note in your diaries - for the first time, Richmond Park Cyclists has scheduled a live event!

The Royal Parks have invited us to put on a stand in collaboration with local cycling clubs at Richmond Park Open Day. It takes place between 11am and 4pm on Sunday, September 23 at Holly Lodge and is expected to draw up to 3,000 visitors. We see this as a great opportunity to promote the group and cycling in general, especially as TRP only opens up the lodge to the public every two or three years. The Friends of Richmond Park, the Wildlife Group and other stakeholder groups will be exhibiting.

Initial ideas for our stand include a Wattbike challenge and an exhibition of bicycles new and old. There is a First World War theme this year, so The Royal Parks have asked us whether we can exhibit a bike from that era. We might need some help with that one!

We will give more thought to the size and content of our stand in the coming weeks. Stand by for an appeal for exhibits and possibly some assistance with manning on the day.

In the meantime, you may want to have a look at the Holly Lodge Centre, the charitable organisation that is co-hosting the event, to find out more about this unique organisation. With shire horses, a Victorian classroom and an amazing apothecary - all of which will be available to the public at the open day - the centre runs educational activities focussed on the heritage and natural environment of the park.

And we might have another live event coming up as a local business has got in touch offering its premises for a meeting. We’ll keep you posted!


As we mentioned in last month’s bulletin, there’s going to be a running event taking place next month. The Timothy James & Partners London 10 Mile on Sunday, May 13 will see the park road partially shut, so look out for advisory signs closer to the day - and good luck to everyone taking part!


With local politicians focussed on the imminent local elections, our efforts to explore Intelligent Road Charging for shortcut journeys through the park have taken a necessary pause. But we will renew our efforts soon, so please forward this email to anyone you know who cycles in Richmond Park. We would love to add them to our mailing list so we can have as big a voice as possible.

All the best,

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